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Press Release

                                                           Connect to Tech with "My AIM"   

December 21, 2009

Atlanta, GA, December 21, 2009.  AIM, global leader in strategy and technology consulting, announces a recent
development in a series of its’ latest technological innovations. AIM launches the world’s first next-generation portal
for business and financial growth to help enterprises excel beyond the economic recovery.   Codename “My AIM”,
www.aim-llc.net/my) is both a free resource and transformative communication and collaboration portal designed
to improve organizational performance, share industry knowledge, and create jobs through business and
economic growth by sharply reducing organizational costs of investments in strategy and information and
communication technology (ICT) solutions.

AIM provides solutions to the challenge of both the national and global economic recovery to growth through “My
AIM”; by empowering visitors from all facets of the global business community with simple Web 2.0 communication
and collaboration tools, business and financial news, thought leadership, and industry expertise. Through a highly
interactive user experience, these invaluable resources and benefits are underscored by providing an advantage to
visitors from any organization to connect to tech with “My AIM”.  Visitors simply share their ideas about their “My AIM
portal experience” and how to improve the portal by contacting AIM through a brief feedback form on the corporate
website.  As a reward for their loyalty, visitors provide feedback to receive a ”priority code” with deep discounts for
their entire organization. The code is instantly applied to all members of their organization for “significant cost
savings” through a price-match guarantee rivaling all solution and service providers around the globe.  Additionally,
all visitors who provide feedback and share “My AIM” with others and “Tell a Friend”, also receive an additional cost
savings that increasingly complements their “priority code”.

Always in further development, the portal allows AIM to “co-innovate” through the continued enhancement of “My
AIM”.  “My AIM” creatively fosters innovation around affordable enterprise solutions with greater value and quality for
organizations worldwide.  “This directly translates into more business intelligence through greater efficiencies,
increased productivity, and improved performance at both the individual and enterprise levels; all at a reduced cost
to the enterprise” says Clay Smith.   .

“We’re continuously committed to innovating and creating a brighter future throughout this turbulent business
climate by saving organizations money as we enter the next decade and solving business problems that directly
impact “Main Street” and help our national economy”.  “This has always been the true spirit of American business”
says Clay Smith   Globally “My AIM” attracts people in business, energy, government, healthcare, technology,
telecom, and throughout industry.  Every enterprise and sector can reap the benefits of how “My AIM” changes
“business as usual” far beyond what most imagine solves 21st century problems. With the close of the first decade
soon upon us, our world will continue to embark upon some of the most rapid and dynamic economic, scientific,
and technological advances in modern history. The success of “My AIM” is answered by how we all contribute to
solving the many problems that face our jobs, our economy, and our future.   

About AIM
AIM is a global strategy and technology consulting firm.  AIM has professional experience ranging from federal
government budgeting, “Big 4” accounting and tax, and strategy and technology implementations.  AIM provides
world-class enterprise solutions in education, consulting, and technology to public and private organizations
around the globe. Visit our website at
Press Contact: Clay Smith, 205-358-4152, pr@aim-llc.net    
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