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Balanced Scorecard


How important is your strategy to your organization's performance, operations, and
leadership?  Why are their a higher level of risks of not having a plan of action? What
are the many benefits of having an integrated strategic management system for your

Align actions with strategy. Many organizations struggle to articulate business
strategies and align employees’ daily activities with those goals. Scorecards built
with Microsoft Performancepoint Server  provide a reliable and pragmatic approach
to how businesses define strategy, provide information and access to all
employees, and show how projects align with KPIs and objectives. Microsoft
Performancepoint Server  allows scorecards, initiatives and action plans to be
monitored, managed and measured throughout the organization.

 Gain complete insight in context. Microsoft Performancepoint Server  helps
companies make sense of their business data by putting it in the context of KPIs.
Users can gain deeper insight by combining Microsoft Performancepoint Server
2007’s rich scorecarding functionality with reports, charting, graphs and analysis
tools as well as unstructured data such as documents, spreadsheets and Web

Collaborate on business management and action. A balanced scorecard
provides a robust framework for interpreting and working with business information,
allowing people to not only understand data in its appropriate context, but also more
effectively collaborate on group analysis and take action to improve business

Empower employees to monitor and deliver against key metrics. Integrating
with easy-to-use tools such as Microsoft  SharePoint® Microsoft Performancepoint
Server  empowers end users to build, manage and use scorecards. At the same
time, Microsoft Performancepoint Server  leverages companies’ existing skills,
technology and investments to help them get more value with less cost and time.

Achieve extensible functionality. Microsoft Performancepoint Server  offers a
scalable platform that enables the customization that enterprises need to extend its
functionality or integrate scorecards into line-of-business applications or other
custom applications. AIM provides world-class enterprise solutions in Balanced
Scorecard technology to our global clients.

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