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                 Strategy Focused Enterprise

Conference Description

This 1 Day Executive Conference highlights the many advantages of a Strategy Focused Enterprise.  
Designed for high and middle level executives and administration, participants will understand the
key concepts of a Strategy Focused Enterprise, the guiding principles, nd and how successful
organizations have used the power of focus on strategy to excel.

Participants will understand the guiding principles of a Strategy Focused Enterprise, and why it has
been implemented by academic, corporate, and governmental organizations. Participants will learn
a systematic methodology for building and implementing a Strategy Focused Enterprise

You Will Learn

Basic concepts of Strategic Focused Enterprise and how it can be used to improve your
organization performance

How Strategic Focused Enterprise applies to different types of organizations

How to build and implement a Strategic Focused Enterprise using a proven methodology

Begin building a Strategic Focused Enterprise for your organization

Who Should Attend

This conference is recommended for Administration, Executives, Managers, and Planners who are seeking the best practical ideas in improving organizational performance.


The course will be taught by Clay Smith, CEO/President of AIM.  Clay Smith has specialized
expertise in Strategy Focused Enterprise training, facilitation, and consulting in public and private
sector organizations.

Conference Details

This conference will be April 25th in the International Square Center at this location

                                    11776 I Street, NW
                                    5th Floor
                                    Washington, DC 20006

The International Square Center is located in the heart of Washington's Central Business District,
directly above the Farragut West Metro station. One of the building's most distinguishing features is
its striking marble lobby atrium. The building's impressive size, elegant appearance and dramatic
skylight make it one of the most sought after business locations in Washington, D.C. Adjacent to the
World Bank and International Monetary Fund, International Square is home for many major law
firms, international businesses and corporate headquarters.

The center is just a short walk from many prestigious hotels and restaurants, such as the Palm,
Legal Seafood and Morton's. Only three blocks from the White House, International Square is
walking distance to George Washington University and such monuments as the Lincoln Memorial,
Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Washington Monument. Other amenities include an eatery in
the building and numerous restaurants within a block of the building.

Online members and early bird registrants receive significant discounts for all executive conference
events. Three or more participants from the same organization receive a
10% discount. The
workshop fee includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

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