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Our SmartPath™solutions are designed to assist all organizations who want to implement "Green" and/or
"Smart" solutions from our range of expertise in the convergence of the Architectural, Construction, and
Engineering (ACE) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industries. As a telecom equipment
infrastructure supplier and solution provider we maintain the highest design credentials in the information
technology systems (ITS) industry, recognized worldwide; as well with the AIA (American Institute of
Architects for the design and implementation phase of construction projects.  Check your organization's health
and sustainability by taking our
SmartCheck™ and  SmarTech™ diagnostics.

CONNECT with AIM if you’re an organization looking for an architect, designer, engineer, IT expert, or
contractor to secure your next building/design/engineering project, keep in mind the value of our SmartPath
solutions. Our unique ability to assess a building owner’s telecommunications needs, and to design and
implement a plan that allows for imminent "Green/Smart" growth allows our team to design a highly efficient
range of information transport systems with minimal costs for later upgrades. That means a satisfied customer
today…and tomorrow.  Contact us at and review the array of benefits of our

  • Sustainable Architecture and  Green Building
  • Planning/Design-Engineer/Construction/Operations
  • "Green" Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified expertise
  • Strategy and Operations Management
  • Project Management/Quality Control/Spec Services
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