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Thought Leadership

Knowledge is Power.  Gain deep insight into strategic thinking that works.          
Our firm applies our best practices and insight to provide you with current and
emerging thought that easily translates into your organizational success

Dashboards and Scorecards..The insight of intelligence
March 8, 2009
How does your organization understand the changing environment both inside
and outside its doors?  What is the process that  your organization communicates
an actionable strategy?  Is there a clear process for capturing the important
knowledge about what to change?

Dashboards and Scorecards help an enterprise with a “clear” lens that provides
clarity around decision-making.  When combined an organization, often for the first
time, has a more robust platform to communicate and collaborate around
operations and strategy.

The dynamics of change
March 11, 2010
As the complexity of industries, markets, and sectors create sea change efforts,
today’s enterprise must be adaptive to change.  It has often been said, “You can’t
manage what you can’t measure”.  This holds true as many organizations play
“catch up” .

Successful organizations are well aware of their need to “stay “prepared” for
change.  This allows individual, team, and organizations to stay “ahead of the
curve” instead of behind the times.  Change being constant is something to be
embraced not resisted ass only a dynamic approach will deliver dynamic results

Human Capital: The "People" business
March 20, 2010
Most organizations have a need to transform data to knowledge.  Many
Organizations have a need to enhance their leadership and teamwork.  All
organizations have a need to develop their human capital.

Human capital is the knowledge, skills, and values of an enterprise people.
Human capital development is cornerstone to the success of an adaptive
Enterprise.  The fundamental question to be answered is “How well does your
enterprise develop the people of your business”.?

Strategic Management
March 24, 2010
You can tell a lot about an organizations’ focus by how well it performs.  The
“dinosaur age” of strategy is not only antiquated but obsolete.  No long is a static
planning “event” sufficient to guide and translate strategy.  21st century leading
organizations benefit from more comprehensive management that views strategy
as a continual process.

Imagine a budget shortfall that affects your organizations limited capacity.  Now
imagine the ability to adapt to changing budget conditions that allow an enterprise
to  reallocate resources successfully.  This is the difference between static
planning and dynamic strategic management.


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