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Climate for change?  How strategy shapes your future         
April 2, 2008
In today's globally integrated organizations strategic management, forecasting,
and budgeting seem more an art than a science.  AIM offers guidance to leaders
who toil over strategy or the lack thereof in executive and managerial meetings
with their business strategy for 2007 and   beyond. Discover how successful
organizations leverage technology and strategy for excellence.  By fostering a
culture that enhances the human, information, and organizational capital, the
strategic (and operational) results shape the future.  The combination of optimal
performance in empowered people, value-creating processes, and enhanced
systems is a solid recipe for positively impacting your organizational future.       

Higher Ground: Breakthrough performance and the dynamics of the change
April 13, 2008
How do successful organizations achieve “breakthrough performance” while other
organizations struggle?  Where and what is “Higher Ground” in today’s dynamic of
constant and rapid change.   The key is the proper action and focus on strategy.  
Organizations that best understand and respond to change through strategy are
organizations of today and tomorrow.  With domestic and global innovation,
changing demographics, and growth economies leading organizations are
required to take a solid look in  mirror AND  their strategy as  “Higher Ground”.

BPM and Technology: The secret to success         
April 18, 2008
Does strategy drive technology or vice-versa. The answer is both. An optimally
performing organization has aligned and integrated management and technology
systems that complement their performance management framework.  Leading
global organizations both public and private are making investments into
enterprise systems that deliver the right knowledge to the right people at the right
time.  The key is creating a culture of change that invests in creating a strategy-
focused organization with supportive technologies that drive success.        

21st Century Strategic Management: Leadership for today and tomorrow
April 26, 2008
Organizational leaders say managing performance is their #1 priority.  In recent
research, 9 out of 10 organizational fail due to poorly implemented strategy.  Often
this is due to the need to improve on more effective leadership.  To excel, it is
imperative that leaders who want to drive success make strategy a continual
process.  This allows the organization to focus on both the drivers and outcomes
of the strategy; in a well-balanced system.


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