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Thought Leadership

Knowledge is Power.  Gain deep insight into strategic thinking that works.          
Our firm applies our best practices and insight to provide you with current and
emerging thought that easily translates into your organizational success

The power of principle
July 8, 2009
Amid the array of methods, resources, and strategies to improve performance is a
fundamental underpinning often overlooked.  This understated value is principle.  
Principle is a solid foundation of core values.

Strategy focused organizations are successful based on several guiding
principles.  The overarching value is the power of principle based strategy.  
Organizations must establish a solid foundation that translates strategy into
operational terms.  This in turn aligns strategy to the organization and hence
people to principle.

Enterprise 2.0: The next generation
July 11, 2009
The new frontier is fraught with complexity and challenge.  The next level of
success for organizations is rife with opportunity for those who embrace strategic
thinking.  There is a new playing field where “Old rules to a new game“ are no
longer adequate or sufficient.

Much has been described about “Enterprise 2.0” (and soon to be 3.0)”.  The
solutions needed to address and solve the problems of the “Next Generation” are
integral and imperative for breakthrough organizational performance.  The
question to be asked is “Is your organization on board for the voyage?”  After all,
the enterprise is waiting to launch.  

Enterprise Systems: The wave of the future
July 20, 2009
A central challenge for leaders is to design and manage agile, secure, and
sustainable enterprises that create high value while not compromising value.      
To some degree, this challenge will be addressed by new technologies
developed by a myriad of disciplines in science and engineering. However, the
essence of this challenge is not purely technological.

The wave of the future is upon us.  Organizations must carefully employ resources
that establish a solid foundation in enterprise growth and evolution.  
Understanding the nature of organizations — how they can change, and how they
are inclined to change — is key to creating these types of enterprises.  

The future is now.  Are you ready?
July 24, 2009
If you were asked right now to pinpoint the five most deficient factors in your
organizations best performing division, how well would you be able to?  How
quickly, how reliably, and how accurate and certain?   How well would you be able
to communicate the response to relevant decision makers?  When and where
would you be able to best respond and collaborate with others on how to resolve

Are you aware of your organization’s strategy?  Do you have an aligned strategic
management and technology system that supports the financial, operational, and
organizational goals?  How well have the people in the enterprise been
empowered through knowledge sharing and strategic feedback and learning.  The
best response to all these and many more questions is to prepare today for
tomorrow. The future is now.  Are you ready?  


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