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Metrics that matter
June 4, 2009
“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.  Success is often defined by what an
organization ”doesn’t” do as well as what it “does”.  Executing on the right strategy
is “A balancing act” of measuring and managing goals.  

Having the right metrics is equally, and in many cases, more important as
managing the results.  

Change…before you have to!
June 12, 2009
With the rise of globalization, heightened competition of limited resources, and
innovative management and technology systems organization’s must
“change…before they have to:  

Both the private and public sectors have experienced dramatic change over the
last decade.  Government regulations, information security, increased
accountability and transparency and better governance have become the blue
ribbon standard.  Change is the constant that calls everyone to “roll with it or get
rolled over”.

The value of Strategic Alignment
June 20, 2009
Of the many benefits of strategic alignment; enterprise value is chief.  Value is
what matters to enhance the organizations’ capabilities.  Value is equally
important to the enterprise as it is those whom the organizations’

Alignment coordinates administration, employees, boards, suppliers, etc to
enhance the value of benefits of allocated resources.  No organization can afford
to mismanage resources that create value.  Aligned organizations best manage
risk through aligned and integrated people, processes, and systems.

Adaptive Enterprise
June 24, 2009
Why are certain organizations able to best respond to change while others put out
fires? History has taught us that survival of the fittest goes to those that embrace
not resist change.  Staying aware while prepared for change is how “adaptive
enterprise “ stays ahead of the curve.

The adaptive organization is resilient. Success is determined by the long wave of
value created by the enterprise.  At center, is the need to excel in today’s dynamic
landscape.  The imperative…an aligned and coordinated operations and strategy
to stay ready for change.


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