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Performance counts: The Bottom Line
May 2, 2009
Think back… far back…a year ago!  How well was your organization performing?  
What was your management style?  What were your value-creating processes?  
How timely was your data?  How effective was your strategy and technology
systems? A plethora of issues come to mind.  So many issues make today’s
leaders feel like they are wearing too many hats while putting out more fires.

Now fast forward to a year from now and ask the same questions (although new
ones will arise).  What changed and what didn’t?  The bottom line is performance.  
Your organization’s people, processes, and systems must support the mission
and vision of your organization to achieve breakthrough performance.  The most
important question past and future is a constant…How well are we doing now and
what must we do to ensure “the bottom line”…that performance counts.

Business Intelligence is intelligent business
May 8, 2009
Today’s enterprise requires effective decision-making to be successful.  Rapid
changing regulatory environments.  Dynamic demographic and political change.  
Industry innovations abound, the need to make the best decisions are paramount
to organizational leaders.

Although no panacea, Business intelligent provides top-to-bottom analysis and
insight for all throughout the enterprise with the leverage on the who, what, when,
where, why, and how of enterprise’s performance.  Business intelligence is an
ideal source of providing key knowledge to users in an information-driven world of

Strategy Focused Enterprise
May 14, 2009
What are the signs of an organization whose strategy is central to their focus.  A
few questions must be raised throughout the enterprise to best address the need
for strategy.                                               

How does executive leadership mobilize change?  How aligned is the
organization? Is the organization’s strategy a continual process?  How does the
enterprise translate strategy into operational terms?  Of highest importance, is the
understanding that strategy is equally about change as well measurement and
management.  Executives and managers must foster a culture that embraces the
change that both drives and measures performance outcomes.

Strategy and Operations: The chicken or the egg
May 20, 2009
As age-old as this question has been posed such is the nature of which comes
first: The strategy or the operations.  Strategy in simple terms, are the planning
and management of goals.  Operations are the routine activity of facilitating stated
goals.  Therein lies the challenge; to prioritize which comes first.  

Strategic thinking lends credence to balancing both the operational and strategic
measurement and management.  This ensures that both the interest of the short
and long term goals are not compromised and stifle value and growth for the


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